“Energy work is priceless. It makes every day extraordinary and transforms the mundane to the holy.”
― Silvia Hartmann

“Energy is everything – It’s the essence of life!”
― Ramana Pemmaraju

Meditation Room

“When you discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough to make room for it in your life.”
~Jean Shinoda Bolen

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

Massage Therapy / Energywork

Spirit Mountain Retreat is very happy to offer massage and energywork sessions at our Retreat Center for the benefit of our guests.

Each of our massage therapists and/or energywork practitioners are professionally licensed and insured. Each of the therapists and practitioners has a different specialty, so we have asked them all for a description of their practice so that you can request a particular therapist or type of session.

Spirit Mountain staff will help you schedule your massage or energywork sessions, which will be held in the Meditation Room of the Spirit Mountain Main House.

The fee is $90 for 60 minutes and $120 for 90 minutes.
Online payment for programs and individual retreats is available.
See Online Payment.

To make an appointment with any of these therapists/practitioners, please call the Spirit Mountain Retreat office at 951-659-2523 or email.

Our therapists/practitioners:

Andrea Bond, Massage Therapist

Andrea BondDuring a hiatus from life as a professional musician (classical vocalist), I discovered massage through my love of meditative practices & other personal growth/healing modalities.

I studied Swedish Massage and Tui Na at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego in 1996. This followed with a 3 year mentorship with Dennis McCoart, a master Neuromuscular Therapist whose one-on-one instruction was both broad and deep and incorporated trigger point theory, physiology, deep and focused tissue work as well as passive stretching and postural analysis. In 2001, I studied sound healing techniques with Diane Mandel and began incorporating Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing into my practice.

Relevant to the aspect of mind in the body-mind connection, I became a dedicated student/practitioner of Non-Violent Communication & Heartmath beginning in 2002/2003. These have given me the growing skills of empathy and tools for stress reduction. And in 2006, I began an intensive study of the 12 Brain/Mind Principles of Natural Learning, eventually co-facilitating workshops with the founders from 2008-2014 (Dr. Renate N. Caine and Geoffrey Caine).

Working on clients for 20+ years has been crucial in building my skills. I continually learn more and love it. My work integrates all of my skills – body and mind – to create a tailored experience. I love what I do, and I truly care about my clients’ needs.

Working on clients over the years has taught me that:

  • presence, listening and having a feeling of care are foundations for healing;
  • it is necessary that I have both care and skill to affect the healing process.
  • what might work for one person may not work for another;
  • subtlety, rather than force, is often the greater healing tool (the old idea, “No pain, no gain” is not always true);
  • massage therapy is only one component within a larger and more comprehensive healing plan (clients who are pro-active and willingly participate in their healing process have better results);
  • we must be detectives together; and
  • a long-term client/therapist relationship can give me, the therapist, a better understanding of a client’s issues and uniqueness.

I am a life-long learner and my clients (as well as my own body/mind issues) inspire me. My current area of study is in foot pathology as well as well as bio-mechanics (via the work of Katy Bowman –

Suzie Bennett, Energywork Practitioner

Suzie BennettAfter having neck and back pain for many years, taking muscle relaxants and getting physical therapy, I was introduced to massage therapy that changed my life.

I changed careers after receiving my massage therapy training in Carrboro, NC in 1986 when massage was considered “adult entertainment!” I trained in second degree Reiki shortly thereafter. After spending the next seven years studying Healing Touch energy healing, I became Certified through the American Holistic Nurses Association, I was fortunate to study with many pioneers in the field of energy medicine over the years. One such teacher was Rita Clooney with whom I studied Healing Touch for Babies with in 2007.

After taking an introduction course into Essential Oil Bath Therapy in 1983, I continued my studies of Medicinal Aromatherapy with Wisdom of the Earth and became Certified as an Aromatherapist in 2014. I have also been an Educator of Infant Massage since 1985, teaching parents and caregivers, integrating essential oil therapy, as needed.

My current passion continues to be energy healing and helping people move on their journey to their highest potentials and higher levels of consciousness.

Karen Johnston - Holistic Esthetician

Karen JohnstonFifty years of being a cosmetologist and esthetician has brought me to the realization that beauty esthetics is more than just one's physical appearance. By taking a holistic approach that includes thinking of beauty from the standpoint of body, mind and Spirit, I am better able to help my clients achieve a deeper connection with themselves.

I often work with women veterans with PTSD to help them explore and acknowledge their inner beauty. To obtain this objective, I use a mirroring process whereby my clients gaze into their own eyes through a mirror, and by doing so, they reconnect and receive healing from the inner self. It is very exciting to see clients exploring a part of themselves that they may have never seen before. It has been transformative for most women and they receive a deep sense of their real beauty and worth. It is my honor and privilege to watch as they radiate with this knowledge and strength. 

Jennifer McEwen, Massage Therapist

Jennifer McEwenJennifer McEwen has been offering “Heart and Hands Healing: Mudra Massage” in Idyllwild since moving here from Crested Butte, Colorado in the Autumn of 1992.

“I realize my earliest physical preparation for the profession of massage therapy was kneading multiple loaves of bread to bake every morning for our natural food store.”

Initially inspired following the birth of her two daughters (1978 & 1981) to explore the traditional practice of infant massage, which originates in India. During those same years, she also apprenticed, attended and assisted births with a nurse midwife.

Jennifer attended IPSB, then “The Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing” which became “The International Professional School of Bodywork”.

Having 35 plus years of hands on experience, Jennifer has become fluent in body language, allowing the journey to unfold as the Soma of each individual guides her heart and healing hands.

To make an appointment with any of these therapists/practitioners, please call the Spirit Mountain Retreat office at 951-659-2523 or send us an email.

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Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity,
we shall harness for God the energies of love.
Then for the second time in the history of the world,
we will have discovered fire.
~ Teilhard de Chardin

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